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Health, Wellness & Anti-Aging Tips/Natural Healing Beliefs


The Philosophy of NATURAL HEALING includes the belief that humans, with innate biological healing structures, can be facilitated by various natural methods such as Massage, Rest, Sunshine, Hydrotherapy (hot and cold applications by water), Exercise, Proper Nutrition, Laughter, Herbal Remedies and Spiritual Beliefs of meditation and practice. Always check with your Primary Care Physician before taking any healthcare advice.








1. Stop Letting People Stress You-(Why is This No. #1)??

     a. Stress is known as (The Silent Killer). Life is Filled with many uncertainties. Don't allow people & their decisions to add to your life's stress, learn to           say no or no more(Limit Your Stress).>*click on the (Stress is a Killer) page for more info.

2. Exercise-

    a. Too many life's sickness are due to lack of exercise or movement(Stop being lazy,Get Up & Just Move)

3. Drink Plenty of Water-

     a. In my practice, you would not believe how many people are dehydrated. The Human Body is 75%-80% water. If you want to limit bad health Diagnosis, sicknesses and diseases? Drink More Water!

 4. Start Eating Healthy-

     a. The Saying-(you are what you eat) is true. You can't expect good health, longevity and Anti-Aging factors, when your diet consist of eating all the wrong things. Its ok to treat yourself to delights but 90% of your eating should be clean. 

     b. Take a Multi VItamin-

           many foods lack vital vitamins and mineral(start supplementing with vitamins)

5. Get Plenty of Rest-

    a. Its become normal in America to burn the candles at both ends. Lack of sleep is one of the major factors in Weight Gain, Stress, Poor Health, Anxiety, Sickness and Diseases. Sleep is the only time your body can Rejuvenate, Revitalize, Recover from Tension and Stress, so get Plenty of Rest!


6. Stretch Your Muscle

     a, Many Experts say, One of the best ways to hide your age is (How You Move). People can't tell your age if you move with fluidity. You can be young, if you move like you are a senior, it throws people off; just like if you are a senior and move like you're a teenager, it throws people off, why? Movement dictates how old you really are!!

Over 50? Take A Great Vitality Tip From Me

7. Rid your Body of Oxidant by taking Anti-Oxidants-

     a. Many people and (Athletes) don't realize that the human body burns energy using oxygen. The energy burned results in oxidation(bad cells),left after exercise or activities. Oxidation can cause(inflammatory conditions, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more. *Anti-Oxidant Slows the Aging Process and keep you healthy by ridding your body of Oxidants. I Can't Stress this one Enough!

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