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Christopher Calvin (MMT) Myoskeletal Therapist
(LMT) Licensed Medical Massage Therapist
(CFT) Certified Fitness Trainer
(CPhT) Certified Pharmacy Technician
(PHTC) Licensed Pharmacy Technician
Christopher Calvin has a Master Degree in Myoskeletal Therapy(MMT) an Accredited Myoskeletal Program from The Freedom From Pain Institute-Instructed by Dr. Erik Dalton PhD.
 Myoskeletal Therapy is simply correcting and Re-Educating Damaged Muscles around a Imbalanced Structure. Christopher Calvin is also a graduate of an Accredited Certified Clinical Massage Therapy Program graduating with a G.P.A of 4.0 from start to finish. Taking the national (MBLEx)>Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination, given by the (FSMTB)>Federation of State Massage Therapy Board, allowed him to receive the title of (LMT)>Licensed Massage Therapist and to practice Therapy in the State of Georgia. He specialize in treating those whose body has been affected by certain pathologies, repetitive use or injuries. Using affective Therapeutic and Clinical Techniques, Therapist Calvin also incorporates his knowledge as a Science Degree Major and Certified Fitness Trainer to bring about Therapeutic results. He is also a member of the (AMTA)>American Massage Therapy Association. Graduate of Dekalb Tech with a A.S. Degree, Biology Major at Clark Atlanta University, over 20 years as a Certified Fitness Trainer by the International Sports Science Asscociation(I.S.S.A.). A Graduate of The Atlanta College of Medical and Dental in Pharmacy Technology. Certified by the National (PTCB)>Pharmacy Technician Certification Board in 2003, receiving the title of (CPhT)>Certified Pharmacy Technician and the (PHTC)License from the State of Georgia Board of Pharmacy to practice Pharmacy. 

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