Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy: also known as (NMT), uses Direct Pressure in a particular area of muscles as a result of trauma, poor posture, repetitive strain or overload. NMT is used mainly to deactivate Trigger Points (TrPs), which are found in taunt bands of muscles or connective tissue that can cause pain, weakness and limit flexibility in joints.



Mainly Athletes or those diagnosed with a Chronic Pain Syndrome.


Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy: is defined as "The Science and Art of Applying Massage and Related Techniques to Maintain the Health of the Athlete and to Enhance Athletic Performance", using Recovery, Remedial, Rehabilitation and Maintenance Techniques. Sports Massage helps care for the wear and tear and minor injuries sustained by strenuous physical activity by Increasing Circulation, Jostling (for helping the muscle to let go of tension) and Broadening Techniques (to help separate muscle fibers, which may be adhering due to stress endured during exercise).



Ideal for Fitness Participants as well as Competitive Athletes.


Medical Therapy

Medical Massage: is considered one of the best natural healing technique for promoting health and healing. Swedish Massage uses a variety of technique generally for relaxing, stress relief, relief of muscular tension, improve circulation and increase range of motion (ROM).



Almost everyone is a candidate for Swedish Massage due to the everyday Physical, Mental and Emotional stress our bodies endure.

Lymphatic Exercise Platform & Vitality(chi) Machine Therapy

Dr. Shizuo Inoue- Inventor of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine & Research shows:

Both of These machines provides maximum movement without pressure on the spine,

providing benefits such as:

Help Lymphatic Drainage/Lymphedema, Reduce Stress/Tension,Balance Spine, Increase

Oxygen,Increase Circulation,Repair Body Internally,Increase Energy,Increase Cellular Activity

,Improve Immune System,Balance Autonomic Nervous System,Exercise Internal Organs.

for more info on research:


(Myo-Inversion Therapy)-Decompression Therapy/Back Pain

Myo(muscle);Inversion(opposite position)

Myo-Inversion is a Therapy that combines Spinal Decompression & Massage Therapy.

Decompression separates the joints and discs of the spine,reducing pressure inside

the discs allowing Spinal Fluids to flow back inside the discs, rehydrating the discs

and surrounding structures and Massage Therapy helps reeducate muscles that had

adapted to the spines misalignment Overall Reducing Pain.





Chair Therapy is a great benefit to many occupations dealing with Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI's). RSI's may involve tendonitis (inflammation of tendons), nerve impingement, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other conditions. A portable chair allow recipients and co-workers to receive the benefits of a great massage. (tap Book Appt.) from top menu to book your workplace Chair Massage Event.

Wheelchair Therapy

Many Wheelchair users,handicapped, disabled and injured often experience Atrophy(wasting away of muscles) due to Inactivity. PFVC uses a Tabletop device 

that allows recipients to maintain circulation to certain muscle that are inactive & reduce their pain,tension and stress to working muscles.



Address tension headaches, lack of movement, poor posture,incapacitated and mental tension by treating tension and trigger points in shoulders, neck, legs  &lower back problems.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Heat from Infrared Detoxifies the body by causing the body to sweat out toxins,Burn Calories without Energy Expenditure,Relieves Pain by penetrating into body tissues and joints,improve recovery time from injuries,improves circulation,lowers blood pressure.Infrared Saunas are considered safe with no

adverse effects reported.


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